Pay-per-use Cloud-based SAP systems

Sabaas offers you SAP environments from the Cloud. Run your SAP environments from the cloud and never worry about hardware investments again.

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Environment of Sabaas

Sabaas environments are established in the Cloud. This on-demand infrastructure is tuned by senior consultants for SAP use. Therefore you get exactly what you need and pay only for what you actually use. The environments are configured on SAP Basis level on such a way, that you can start your activities rightaway.

Four steps to the cloud

The Sabaas SAP template environments have been designed to be up and running within a short time. This is an ideal way to start a Proof of Concept, deliver a training or setup an SAP demo system. The extensive experience of the Sabaas consultants guarantees the succesful realization of your systems.


Sabaas pay per use allows you to use infrastructure possibilities which might have been too costly or complex up to now. These can be:

  • Developing your own SAP service/product/template
  • Providing training and demos
  • Gaining knowledge and experience with SAP solutions
  • Realizing Proof of concepts cost effectively
  • Gaining SAP HANA experience
  • Fault tolerance and High Availability