SAP Basis 2025

The SAP Basis role is changing

As SAP Basis consultant you were used to working in the SAPGui and on the OS console. Your role was focused on operating the main core system of your company. All these SAP applications like ERP, BW, PI etc have been for a long time the only focus area for the Basis consultant. But times are changing…

Companies nowadays need to adjust to new business trends and drive innovation more than ever before. Ideas need to be tested at the same day and need to be delivered to the customer the next day using data from different sources and different granularity.

Simply running your SAP ERP system is not enough anymore to differentiate your business from your competitors. Innovation and differentiation are key, but these are no longer done in the ERP system. Real fast-moving innovations are done in other SAP and non-SAP applications. The SAP ERP system has become the System of Records, which holds the data that can be used by the Systems of Differentiation which makes you stand out from the crowd. New ideas will and cannot be tested anymore in the old ERP system and need their own System of Innovation in which the business can quickly test drive and experiment new ideas.




This approach is called the pace-layered architecture, which was defined by Gartner already in 2010. But with the digitalization which really has kicked-off in the last 2 to 3 years, this model has become actual again. Due to the increasing speed of changes required by the business today, SAP is also changing their SAP portfolio and with that also the profile of the SAP Basis consultant is changing.



As we all know in 2025 SAP will stop supporting ERP and is pushing customers to have moved to S/4HANA by then. The migration should not only be a migration to a new tooling, but it should also initiate a change in the way companies work. The SAP S/4HANA system has to become the Core System of Records towards which the apps in the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) interface.


Apps running in the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) can be quickly activated and connected to the core. By combining apps and services new ideas can be tested and be made available to the customer in a very short time. The SCP is positioned both as the System of Differentiation and Innovation for the SAP Digital Core.

Getting back to our statement the Basis profile will change. In the next years a lot of migrations to S/4 will probably happen. The migration on itself is not that different from the old Basis profile. But, being part of the digital transformation will be a whole new ballgame. Today already we are working on areas like SAP Cloud Analytics, CloudFoundry, AWS/Azure/GCP, IAAS, SCP, Infrastructure as code, Automation etc.

In the coming weeks I be will be spending some more blogs on providing insights on how we as Sabaas see the role of the Basis consultant evolving We will be discussing how the shift towards automation, digitalization and constant delivery is part of the evolution of IT.

For more background on this topic, download the slide deck we presented at the SAP Basis Meeting on the 31st of October 2019 at the Sabaas office in Den Bosch.

And if you want to have a chat on the SAP Basis 2025 proposition of Sabaas, call me, Sander van Gemert, on +31 6 26702830.


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